Amazon Seller Tools: 125 Tools You Should Try Today

Alex Stoykov

CEO & Head of Client Success

Alex Stoykov

CEO & Head of Client Success


Selling on Amazon can be overwhelming for both startup and veteran sellers. Every day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of setting up an Amazon. What does this mean?

The competition keeps getting stiffer every single day. Luckily, there is a solution for anything, thanks to technology. Despite the competition, it is possible for anyone to set-up an Amazon seller account and generate consistently high sales by using Amazon Seller Tools.

There are numerous Amazon tools that can help you optimize your business. Here is a list of 125 different Amazon seller tools you should try today!


1. RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress is an intelligent repricing software that helps sellers on Amazon to increase their sales and profit margins. It helps clients to increase their sales by keeping their sales consistent.

With the RepricerExpress tool, you get to keep your listings competitive 24/7 without requiring your constant attention. It helps Amazon FBA sellers to compete for spots in the More Buying Choices Box and Buy Box.

The RepricerExpress app helps sellers fight for the top positions on the Offer Listings pages, enabling more buyers to see your products.


2. FeedbackExpress

Amazon uses your seller rating and feedback score as the key metrics to determine which seller will win the Buy Box. FeedbackExpress comes in handy as a powerful tool that helps you manage your feedback communication with your buyers.

The powerful tool comes with features that you may not get in other feedback tools in the market. It helps to keep track of all your reviews and also gets more of them.
If you have commendable and consistent seller ratings and reviews, you can win the Buy Box with better profit margins.

FeedbackExpress qualifies as one of the best Amazon seller tools as you don’t have to keep track of your reviews. If somebody shares negative feedback about your product, the tool sends a notification to your phone for you to react immediately.


3. eDesk

eDesk is an essential Amazon tool for all Amazon merchants from startup to enterprise. With the eDesk tool, you don’t have to log in to multiple channels. You can deal with all customer queries from one place.

The tool is specifically designed for eCommerce to help online retailers to have a seamless time dealing with multichannel customer support to deal with more customers faster.

It gathers interactions from your social media channels, website, and marketplaces. The Amazon tool also enables you to divide the customer support load among your customer support team. You can also assign questions to the team members best suited to deal with the query. You can use the free trial to learn more about how to use the tool.


4. ShipWorks

Shipping is an essential part of your Amazon business. It’s important to ensure that you use the most efficient shipping tool with all the shipping rules, including packaging and labeling.

ShipWorks is the ultimate shipping management solution. The hybrid cloud and desktop shipping tool can use specified rules to route orders to the correct warehouse, perform most shopping tasks using barcode scanning, and offer rules for other shipping tasks.

It is a shipping software that is vital for volume warehouse shippers. It makes your shipping tasks easier, cheaper, and faster. It has its own API, which allows you to customize integrations. ShipWorks will compare the rates across multiple carriers, and you can integrate it with other eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and inventory management tools. It comes with a 30-day free trial.


5. Scientific Seller

Using smart keywords is essential in boosting your sales on Amazon. As you think of the best Amazon tools to use, Scientific Seller is an excellent choice to consider.

Scientific Seller is a smart keyword research software. It offers keyword suggestions for your Amazon listings and PPC ads. You end up with a list of related keywords and related search suggestions.

You’ll also find a free Amazon keyword tool on their website. If you wish to see more results, you’ll have to sign up and create an account. Creating an account also helps you to search outside the United States and export and save your searches.

The best part is the keyword search tool is free.


6. DataHawk

DataHawk is a software analytics platform that will help you boost your productivity, increase sales, optimize profit margins, and gain insights on Amazon.

The product covers product data monitoring, financial reporting, market research and intelligence, and search engine optimization.

DataHawk helps sellers to grow and manage their daily operations on Amazon. It helps brands of all sizes to increase their margins using SEO and advertising strategies. It is also essential for retailers who wish to optimize their success in the competitive marketplace. It helps to protect the margins and also secure the Buy Box.


7. Zonguru

Zonguru is a tool ideal for professional Amazon merchants. It covers various areas of trading, including email automation, product research, and eBay listing.

The tool comes with various features, including eBay listing, keyword rank tracking, buyer email automation, negative review notifications, and order processing.

It also comes with an ultimate product guide that can help you find your next bestseller product. You can also use the tool to keep communication with your customers live to keep them happy and increase the chances of returning.


8. Sellics

If you want an Amazon tool with everything you need to succeed in the super-competitive marketplace, Sellics is an excellent choice.

Sellics is a SaaS solution that helps Amazon vendors and sellers monitor business performance and automate PPC campaigns. It helps in managing feedback, inventory control, and keyword ranking.

Sellics has different editions for businesses that sell through Amazon seller central. The editions have different features and pricing. The editions include seller edition, vendor edition, and agency edition for agencies representing sellers and vendors.

The best thing is you can try the available features for free with a 14-day free trial with no account required.


9. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is an Amazon seller tool ideal for large brands and sellers on Amazon. It is best for high-volume and competitive eCommerce organizations that compete for the Buy Box. Private label sellers and other big brands can also use the tool.

Feedvisor gives you a competitive edge in business by clarifying and simplifying complex market dynamics and provides insights that enhance your success.

It uses in-depth data intelligence from the market and automation tools to help the Amazon sellers succeed at every point. The AI-based advertising deals with autonomous budget balancing, automated keyword harvesting, and it also enables you to track your share of voice.

The tool also offers other services such as shopper engagement, making, data-backed optimizations, monitor market share trajectory, and help you to understand your competition in the market.


10. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner comes in handy to discover new keyword ideas for your ad campaigns and expose you to the right customers. When you get the keyword ideas, you then refine them to the most relevant for your campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner gives you flexibility such that you can filter your keywords by category, location, and language of your customers, date, seasonal trends, etc.

Besides helping you discover new keywords, this tool also enables you to track your monthly searches. Therefore, you can estimate the number of searches a keyword will get each month.

Note, while keyword planner offers useful insights, the campaign’s performance will depend on various factors, including the product, customer behavior, budget, etc.


11. AMZDataStudio

When looking for Amazon seller tools, AMZDataStudio is one of the best tools to consider. It prides itself as the most accurate tool for keyword research.

Unlike other keyword research tools, AmazonDataStudio gets its data directly from Amazon. Thus, it uses the most accurate data from the competitive marketplace, making it the most accurate and powerful keyword research tool.

With powerful and accurate data from Amazon, you can trust AMZDataStudio to boost your sales. The tool also helps you to discover the most profitable products with the highest demand and less competition. You can also use the Amazon tool to monitor your negative reviews and track your ad ranking.


12. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a digital operation Amazon tool designed for Amazon retailers and wholesalers who want to respond instantly to changes in the market, boost sales, and exceed customer expectations.

The tool provides a robust platform for dealing with most operations, including order management, inventory management, fulfillment, warehousing, shipping, retail business intelligence, etc. With all the operations optimized in one platform, you can react fast to market changes to ensure your business remains afloat and increase your sales.

With the Brightpearl tool, you can also turn your operational data into actionable insights, which will enable you to make explicit and more informed business decisions.


13. RestockPro

Your inventory management is a crucial determinant of your success on Amazon. Therefore, it will help a lot to get the software to automate all your inventory management.

Fulfillment by Amazon offers a lot of prime shipping benefits for both the seller and the buyer. For instance, buyers like it when Amazon handles the returns for their products.

On the other side, fulfillment saves the seller a lot of trouble, including warehousing. However, sometimes there is a delay, especially in the peak season, which can immensely affect your ratings.

RestockPro salvages the situation with the easy-to-use automation of functionality. The tool automates the FBA inventory management and functions such as stickering and shipment.

You can use the software to determine what you want to restock, manage your shipments, and monitor your inventory.

It uses the Amazon Profit Calculator to make decisions, prepare FBA shipments, and manage suppliers and FBA shipments using the FBA manager.


14. TaxJar

When you are in business, growing your business and making profits is the primary and vital goal. Therefore, it will help a lot if your full attention is towards growing your business other than dealing with other issues.

TaxJar Amazon tool ensures that you don’t shift your focus from the primary goal, which is growing your business. The tool helps you to deal with all issues regarding sales tax without your constant attention.

You can trust TaxJar to calculate your sales tax in real-time and at any time. It also ensures you collect the right rate on each product with all factors considered, including the street-address calculations.

TaxJar automates your sales tax management to give you peace of mind as you deal with other aspects of growing your business.


15. Currencies Direct

When doing business online, including on Amazon, money transfer is an essential part of the business. Therefore, you need a money transfer platform that you can trust, and its rates are reasonable.

Currencies Direct is a money transfer and currency exchange provider, and it offers its services to individuals, online retailers, and businesses. They are famous for providing customized solutions depending on the transfer’s value, transfer needs, frequency, etc.
You can use their mobile app for money exchange, or you can do it on your phone or online. There are no transfer fees involved, and they have competitive exchange rates.
The tool allows you to make money transfers to over 400 countries globally and in more than 40 currencies.

You need to create an account that is simple and free. With the account, you can check their rate at any time of the day.


16. Forecastly

Forecastly is an incredible inventory management tool that saves you a lot of trouble dealing with your inventory projections and reorders. It makes everything effortless for you by telling how much you need to order and when to replenish your inventory.

Using Forecastly saves you a lot of time in dealing with your stock which also saves you money.

With the inbound shipment tool, you can reconcile your inbound shipment and process your Amazon shipments.

It comes with an insightful account dashboard, and it is ideal for both FBA and marketplace sellers.


17. AMZFinder

Getting feedback and reviews is essential to know how your product is performing and how customers are reacting to it.

However, it can be overwhelming sending the review requests and also analyzing them.
AMZFinder is a tool that helps you to automatically send requests for feedback and review emails.

It also helps you manage and analyze the reviews and orders. The Amazon tool helps you enhance your store’s credibility and Amazon rating, which translates to better business.


18. SourceMogul

Do you want to find out the best products to sell on Amazon? You can trust SourceMogul as your Amazon seller software of choice. The tool is a type of source engine or sourcing software that helps you find products you can resell on Amazon.

SourceMogul saves you a lot of time that you can spend doing other things. It scans millions of products per month to help you choose the most profitable products. If you decide not to use SourceMogul, you’ll spend a lot of time going through different websites looking for the best products to sell.

It comes with various features, including artificial intelligence, informing you of the best products to buy for reselling on Amazon. Additionally, it will inform you of the product’s rank and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

You can use the Amazon Fees Calculator to calculate your return on investment.


19. Salsify

As you sell online or on Amazon, you need to develop information about the product to make buyers discover the product, drive conversions, and product loyalty.

Salsify helps you manage your product data and content to develop product information that brings out the best customer experience.

It uses data-driven insights to develop content regarding your content or brand that is optimized for performance. The tool combines the PIM and DAM capabilities for product experience management.

PIM enables you to maintain the primary source of content for your product. On the other hand, DAM capabilities centralize and transform files, including images and videos to use across your touchpoints. The channel-by-channel readiness helps you to know when your product information is ready for publication.


20. Skubana

Skubana is an all-in-one operation that handles various functions such as inventory analytics, order management, POs, and accounting on a single platform. It is ideal for merchants looking for multichannel profits.

The tool synchronizes data from POS, warehouses, and sales channels to help sellers concentrate on providing the best customer experience.

The tool offers many advanced features, including sell direct-to-everywhere. It helps you manage product listings across warehouses, big-box retailers, and marketplaces, all from a single dashboard. You also receive notifications if critical stock is running out.

Additionally, Orderbots ensures that you can automatically execute any task related to orders, including inventory, orders, and fulfillment across channels.


21. Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs is a tool built for fast-growing brands and retailers to manage orders and inventory. It gets rid of all errors and time-consumption that would occur from manual operations.

The platform helps sellers sell across multiple channels, respond to operation demands, and manage the inventory from one place.

Stitch Labs also enables you to automate shipping to customers and makes it fast and reliable.


22. MarketHustl

If you want to have your Amazon listing on page one and remain there, you need to have the right product and a solid listing.

To succeed on Amazon, you need a keyword-rich, highly optimized listing and amazing product photos to maximize the refresh rate.

Customers find your products on Amazon. Therefore, it is vital to choose keywords with a solid search volume but aren’t very competitive. MarketHustl comes up with a list of potential keywords and then optimizes specific keywords for your listings.

The marketing tool also helps to come up with the best photos for your products using their photographers who have perfected the art of taking quality photos.


23. JoeLister

If you wish to diversify your business into multichannel selling, JoeLister is the perfect tool for you. JoeLister is a tool used for Amazon, Shopify, and eBay listing and fulfillment.

It offers a seamless and effortless method of listing your Amazon inventory on Shopify and eBay. With just one click, you can populate your Shopify and eBay listings with your product information, images, and descriptions.

The tool comes with a variety of payment plans for various levels of business traffic. Ensure you get the payment plan that works best for you.


24. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a tool that helps sellers to list and sell their products on the largest online marketplaces, and it also enables you to get control over your orders and inventory.

It comes with an intuitive interface with powerful tools to make it effortless to list your products and integrate them with various marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon.

The tool offers increased fulfillment efficiency with centralized fulfillment. The orders are sent to your Shopify store to help you fulfill all your orders from a single interface. The products are also marked as shipped. As such, the tracking numbers are sent back to the marketplace where the product was ordered.


25. eEnforce

eEnforce is an Amazon seller software that helps to get rid of unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

With this tool, you can see the impact that unauthorized sellers have on your brand and know where you are losing money.

You can also get the right seller identification by checking the identity and sellers’ address with just a button click.

The tool also helps to know where the unauthorized sellers are doing business, and you can send your legal team’s letter to unauthorized sellers and know who has complied with the letter and who is yet to comply.


26. Refunds Manager

Refunds Manager is an Amazon tool that audits Amazon FBA accounts and identifies any mistake Amazon may have made. If there are any mistakes, the Refunds Manager then opens cases with Amazon to get a refund.

The refund is sent to your business bank account, which helps to keep track of your business accounts. The tool automatically analyzes any damages that may have happened on your inventory, overage fees, return policy products, and missing inventory.

Refunds Manager gets a 25% commission of the funds returned to your account without trial.


27. Neatoscan

Neatoscan is a marketplace management solution that is bar-code driven.

The tool offers many features, including receiving, listing, and management of the inventory. It also helps in sipping, reporting, and repricing.

Neatoscan is run from an Android or iOS device or a PDA device.

The inventory manager comes in handy to help you concentrate on running your business. Without an inventory manager, you’d be busy answering emails, repricing, packing, listing, etc. that can be overwhelming.

The tool also comes with an inventory evaluator that helps sellers evaluate large amounts of inventory for resale purposes.


28. TradeGecko

QuickBooks Commerce, formerly known as TradeGecko, is a cloud-based order and inventory management tool for online businesses.

It enables you to manage your functions from one place, including sales channels, currencies, and locations.

The tool also helps in creating purchase orders and backorders and stock taking and adjustments. It also features customer insights, detailed reports, and forecasts to help you predict your business’s future.

QuickBooks Commerce is compatible with various eCommerce channels, including Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Magento.


29. Content26

Having the right product on Amazon is one aspect that determines your success. However, it may not make a lot of impact if the product is not discoverable to customers.

Content26 creates Amazon content that optimizes your product for search and showcases your product to the customers. Content26 uses its extensive knowledge of Amazon advertising to boost the productivity of your product.

The Amazon tool creates content about your brand or product that helps you reinforce your branding. It creates a rich shopping experience across the various online platforms.



Do you want to increase your Buy Box ownership? helps their customers increase their Buy Box ownership by 63% in the first two weeks. is an intelligent repricing tool that helps sellers grow their businesses by offering competitive prices. It uses repricing strategies to adjust prices which saves you the trouble of manual pricing.

It helps sellers increase sales, improve their profit margins, and win more Buy Boxes by offering tools that give the sellers a competitive advantage.


31. SellerActive

Multichannel selling is one of the best strategies for expanding and growing your online business. However, it can be overwhelming trying to manage all the channels separately.

It would help if you got a platform that allows you to manage the multichannel from a single platform.

SellerActive is an eCommerce platform that allows you to manage your multichannel platforms from a single place. It enables you to create new listings, adjust prices and quantities, and also fulfill your orders. Additionally, it comes with an analytics module that offers real-time data regarding your business, which helps sales forecasting. You also receive low-stock alerts.


32. Geek Speak Commerce

Amazon is a super-competitive marketplace. Therefore, you need to have a working strategy to beat the competition. Apart from choosing the right product to sell, your advertisement also contributes to your success.

If you are looking for eCommerce marketing for your product, Geek Speak Commerce is an excellent agency to consider. The platform has a goal to help their clients sell more online and increase their profit margins.

Their dedicated team walks with you all along to create an advertising program customized for your brand. Their advertising content includes high-quality photography and copywriting services. The content is towards enhancing the sales on your website.


33. Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App has made it effortless and seamless to do business today. The Amazon tool has made it possible for merchants globally to start their online businesses.

There are two ways in which you can do business on Amazon. These include Amazon Vendor, where you deliver your product to Amazon, which markets and sells the products using its brand image.

Alternatively, you can sell through the Amazon Seller option, where Amazon gives you the platform, but you sell your goods in your most preferred way. The seller app allows you to come up with your product’s pricing, and you use your marketing strategies and shipping channels.

You should also open an Amazon seller account or use your customer account if you already have one. Use the Amazon seller app to find products to sell, respond to customers, create listings, track sales, and fulfill orders all from your phone.


34. Viral Launch

If you want to establish a powerful keyword strategy, Viral Launch is the way to go.
Viral Launch is an advanced keyword research tool that uses enhanced automation and data to develop the best keyword strategy.

Additionally, the advanced market intelligence software offers you in-depth Amazon analytics. It helps you to get the best and profitable products that you can sell in the competitive marketplace.

The in-depth Amazon analytics include monthly sales, historical trends, sales for the product for the last 12 months, monthly revenue, etc. It also offers Amazon advertising and PPC with product-targeting suggestions, suggested bids, and managed services.


35. AMZScout

Getting the right and most profitable product to sell on Amazon is the first and most crucial step towards your success. All the other steps, including marketing and keyword research, come to reinforce your choice of a product. Therefore, you should invest in a reliable product research tool.

AMZScout is an Amazon product research work that eliminates all the guesswork in finding a profitable product to sell on Amazon. It then helps you to optimize your listing and manage your Amazon business to profitability.

It is popular among users as it is affordable, user-friendly, has an extensive product database, and comes with a helpful academy. The tool comes with a variety of payment plans so that you can choose what works best for you.


36. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is an essential tool to have as you transact business on Amazon. Your main goal is to sell your products and make a profit and enhance your brand reputation.

Therefore, it will help a lot if you have updated information regarding the prizes you wish to purchase.

CamelCamelCamel tool is an easy-to-use tool that helps in price tracking. The tool will offer you the price history of a product and notify you if there is a price drop. It updates you about the pricing trends and the latest prices of products you wish to trade in on Amazon.

Although the tool is best suited for a desktop, you can also have it on your Android or iOS phone for faster access.


37. SmartPrice

SmartPrice is a tool that eliminates all the guesswork in pricing while doing business on Amazon.

It is an intelligent software that automatically maximizes your profits by automatically managing your products’ prices.

Using this tool saves you a lot of time that you can use to concentrate on other aspects of your business. It is what you need to take your Amazon business to the next level as you use the algorithmic repricer to maximize your profits.

Additionally, having the repricer software increases your chances of winning the Buy Box.


38. FeedbackFive

Product reviews are vital as they help you know how customers are reacting to your products or brand. They help you enhance your brand’s reputation to build more trust among customers, translating to more business.

If you wish to get more Amazon product reviews and seller feedback, the FeedbackFive Amazon tool is what you need. The tool automates your product review requests
through the Request a Review messaging system or Amazon Buyer-Seller messaging.

It uses the same system as in the Request a Review button on seller central.
FeedbackFive comes with different features that help you control the requests’ timing, send the requests in the buyer’s preferred language, and send product review requests that comply with Amazon policies. With the use of the tool, you can expect a significant increase in reviews.


39. The Brand Protection Agency

Brand protection refers to the process of preventing brand abuse. It protects a company’s intellectual property and associated brands against copyright pirates and copywriters. It also protects other types of infringers, such as design rights, color marks, patents, etc.

The Brand Protection Agency is an essential tool that offers brand protection eCommerce solutions. It offers product serialization visibility, pricing policy enforcement, reporting solutions, and third-party domains.

The software is easy to use and offers maximum brand protection. It is trusted by major brands globally.


40. Price Checker 2

If you want to identify a business opportunity and take advantage of it, Price Checker 2 is the tool for you. It helps you search the Amazon database for brand turnover, and you can identify high-profit items that you can sell on Amazon.

The tool helps you identify a business opportunity and know the amount of stock you need to avoid overstocking. You also get to see the product’s competition so that you can strategize appropriately.

Price Checker 2 comes with many features that help you identify the number of Buy Box competitors for the product to gauge your Buy Box winning opportunities. You can also filter your results live depending on product weight, customer reviews, set rank levels, profit levels, etc.


41. mobiReady

With the increased use of mobile devices, you need to optimize your website to be mobile-ready.

If unsure whether your website is mobile-ready or not, the mobiReady tool is for you.
The tool is a perfect pick for web developers, web designers, and marketers who wish to test their websites’ performance on mobile devices.

Apart from ensuring your site is ready for use on a mobile, the tool also offers in-depth analytics and recommendations to your inbox. The recommendations will help grow your business further. You can also benchmark your business web presence compared to that of your competitors.


42. ThornCrest

ThornCrest is a seller’s tool that comes in handy in growing your business.

The tool works with other premier brands worldwide to expand your brand, enforce it, and protect it. It comes up with actionable strategies such as distribution partners for your products, increasing your sales.

It also offers legal services to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers, MAP violators and keeps counterfeit products at bay. The company also provides legal solutions necessary for enforcing intellectual property rights.

If you use the company, you can expect maximum support in all your selling channels. It strives to grow your brand and make it known to a wide customer base.


43. Transparency by Amazon

Selling counterfeit, low-quality, and fake products is detrimental to your brand as it leads to unsatisfactory customer experiences, which will ruin your brand reputation. As such, Amazon takes the issue of counterfeiting seriously.

Amazon Transparency Program is a serialization program that ensures all the products shipped to the customer are not counterfeit. Before each product ships to the customer, it must pass through the Amazon transparency program for serialization. The item should pass the authentication test, whether sold by the brand owner or a third-party seller. The program ensures customers get the high-quality product they ordered and also discourages corner-cutting manufacturers from trading.


44. Pixelfy

Pixelfy is a handy tool that helps to shorten your URLs. The tool goes beyond shortening a URL, URL sharing, and tracking. It also enables you to add a retargeting tracking pixel to each shortened URL.

With the URL’s retargeting campaigns, you can reach more people and boost your numbers on Amazon. By tracking the shared links, you can optimize your campaign performance and improve your rankings on Amazon.

Embedding a pixel in your URL is advantageous as you can reach a customer who takes action on your website again with targeted ads. You can show the targeted ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Pixelfy is tailored for Amazon sellers, and it is more affordable than most of its competitors.



How you price your product matters in determining your profits.

It will take a lot of time to research different websites and then manually reprice your inventory. Alternatively, you can use an automatic repricing tool that saves you time and effort. Thus, you can concentrate on other aspects of growing your business. is a tool that uses rules and algorithms to reprice your inventory automatically. The multichannel platform helps to enhance your profits while saving you time and hard work.

It comes with various benefits, including flexibility in pricing rules, net-margin repricing, and real-time repricing.


46. MerchantWords

MerchantWords prides itself as the most extensive database of keyword search data. It has helped entrepreneurs to launch their products and also run profitable campaigns on Amazon and other marketplaces.

With the keyword data tools, MerchantWords offers insights into product opportunities and helps you understand how competitive it is to develop the best marketing strategies. This helps to grow your sales and traffic.

It also comes with a product targeting tool that helps you build a winning strategy for Amazon PPC advertising.


47. AMZRefund

AMZRefund is a cloud-based tool that helps you to claim money lost due to Amazon mistakes.

The tool works by analyzing the Amazon inventory data and then finding potential FBA refunds.

The seller then will purchase the report with the relevant order data at 8% of the expected reimbursement. You also receive instructions on how to file a claim.
The best thing is you don’t have to pay the reimbursement fee until your reimbursement is eligible. You can use the free trial to learn more about the Amazon tool and the features it offers.


48. AMZInsight

AMZInsight is an intelligent web-based software ideal for research and development on Amazon.

The tool offers real-time tracking, which comes up with useful data that helps sellers make informed decisions.

Amazon Insight offers the latest keyword trends, keyword tracking, keyword and product discovery, competitive data analysis, and best seller rank tracking.


49. AMZ Tracker

Keyword research is crucial when launching your products. Getting a powerful tool like AMZ Tracker allows you to rank on top pages and get a high conversion rate.

The tool offers you weekly or daily updates on your product ranking for chosen keywords with its email reporting. You can also determine how many units your competitors are selling.

Your listings are safe, thanks to hijacking monitoring.

One of the main features you get with AMZ Tracker is Vipon. This allows you to offer customers discounted products, which increases customer engagement.


50. PPC Entourage

If you want to optimize your Amazon Ads, PPC Entourage is a top tool to minimize spending and increasing conversion rates. You get lots of services to pitch your products and reach more customers.

You can use the tool to identify the best keywords to strategize with. You get comprehensive metrics covering profit, ad spend, gross revenue, ACoS, impressions, and conversion rates from its dashboard.

With PPC Entourage, you learn the essentials of launching campaigns. In-depth instructions combined with step-by-step videos ensure you understand everything to help you with these campaigns.


51. FBA Refunds

Getting slapped with a 50% commission, such as Refund Retriever, can be quite draining. FBA Refunds stands out for being among the cheapest if not the most budget-friendly reimbursement tool.

At only a 12% charge on all your Refunds, it presents itself as one of the best tools for startup sellers. The tool works in eight countries, making it suitable for multi marketplace sellers.

FBA Refunds monitors your shipment records, unearths data on lost inventory, damaged goods post-assessment, and more.


52. Amazing Freedom

Amazing Freedom is a one-of-a-kind reimbursement tool worth your time. Unlike others using automated systems and charging a 15% commission, they function wholly manually for a monthly subscription.

Besides that, you also get tips on creating private labels, gallery improvement, and how to spike sales.

Keyword research plus PPC Ad management ensure your listings get the attention needed to increase your profits.


53. Refund Retriever

Refund Retriever offers you a smooth shipping time. With this tool, you can track invoicing mistakes and duplicate charges.

The tool ensures your orders arrive on time, and even meager lateness entitles you to a refund. What’s more, you won’t pay cancellation, sign up, or monthly fees. But you’ll have a 50% charge on all refunds.


54. AMZBase

Are you considering selling a product on Amazon but are unsure if it’ll get you the best profit? With AMZBase getting the necessary determination data is a cinch.

It works together with CamelCamelCamel to help you access the historical pricing of a product of interest.

Another outstanding feature is the ease of product access from Google search, Alibaba, and eBay. You only need to hover over a choice product to get the title and ASIN.


55. Sonar

One of the tools every Amazon seller must have is Sonar. With nothing to add to your bills, you have everything to gain from this lookup tool.

Reverse ASINs research allows you to find which keywords your competitors are using. With over 180 million keywords used on Amazon stored in its repository, Sonar offers an excellent opportunity to optimize your listings.


56. Cash Cow Pro

While it isn’t the first choice for many, given its relatively high pricing, Cash Cow Pro might be the perfect selection for sellers who don’t want lots of tools.

With this tool, you can identify the best keywords for your listings, know your profits, and monitor your inventory. Cash Cow Pro provides information on your conversion rates and the best prices to implement to improve them.

It offers endless emails allowing you to increase reviews on your listings. You also get to see the best products to invest in for monumental proceeds.


57. Hello Profit

Monitoring numerous conflicting categories might be challenging without the right software. Thankfully, Hello Profit offers enhanced customization in product data comparison and ASINs grouping, an advantage it holds over other tools like Sellics.

Hello Profit allows for multiple user logins. The tool offers you reports on sales, ROI, profits, rebates, and fees. In-depth customer analysis, promotion tracking, and an intuitive dashboard are some of the other benefits you get to relish.


58. Seller.Tools

Another excellent tool for Reverse ASINs research is Seller.Tools. With this chrome extension, you have information on which keywords boost your competitors’ gameplay.

Its team of experts dives in to optimize your listing for market domination. With Seller.Tools, you get the tricks bestsellers in your niche used to scope massive returns.
If you want to discover the closest earning opportunities you’ve been napping on, a chat with one of its top sellers might be your biggest eye-opener.


59. Keepa

Keepa is an amazon price tracker that helps sellers get the best deals every day. The software provides detailed price charts for over 1500 million amazon products, making it reliable and efficient.

Below are other services that Keepa provides aside from price tracking:

• Comprehensive price history graphs
• Price Drop & Availability Alerts
• Browser extensions
• Compare international Amazon prices

Keepa is one of the most trusted price tracking tools and is preferred by a considerable percentage of online vendors.


60. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool uses the Google Autocomplete feature to generate relevant keywords for online sellers. It also uses Google suggest by extracting keywords and presents them to you for use.

Users can generate keywords in 83 languages in over 192 domains. Keyword Tool is available in two versions: the free and advanced versions.

The free version generates up to 750 keywords in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, Keyword Advanced combines keyword generation plus additional features. It can generate two times as many keywords as the free version.


61. Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an initiative by Amazon that invites reputable reviewers to post their unbiased opinions about new and existing products. These reviews help customers make better decisions before making any purchases.

Reviewers are explicitly selected: invite-only. The objective is to give unbiased and honest feedback. Customers who regularly provide honest feedback and develop expertise within specific categories are more advantaged than the rest.

Consequently, their chances of getting into the program increase significantly. Unfortunately, the review position isn’t a paid one; Amazon relies on the general helpfulness of the customers interested in the program.


62. iLoveToReview

IloveToReview is an Amazon review site that gives candidates products for free or at a discount in exchange for honest and unbiased feedback. The site has some rules that reviewers must follow to be eligible for the program:

• All reviews should be at least 35 words long
• You must write the review yourself and refrain from sharing it
• You can’t mention IloveToReview as it will be seen as self-promotion

Unfortunately, IloveToReview ceased its operations in the UK in 2016 after a policy update from amazon. However, operations within the US are still ongoing.


63. MarketScout

MarketScout provides amazon sellers with Financial Business Applications (FBA) such as:

• Model number
• Unit weight
• Profit calculations
• Category

Aside from FBA, MarketScout also provides competitive intelligence to help you get a detailed picture of your progress. That way, you can make more informed decisions. Pricing is affordable, with plans starting from as low as $0.004 per ASIN( Amazon Seller Identification Number).

MarketScout saves sellers time on FBA research by providing the data beforehand, allowing them to make better decisions.


64. Linnworks

Linnworks is an online selling platform that provides automation tools for Amazon sellers to optimize their sales and reduce operating costs.

These automation tools synchronize all your business dealings into one central system through technology. Additionally, users get full control over their business and a dashboard that provides insights.

Besides, members also get access to other features such as:

• Stock control
• Inventory management
• Order management
• Shipping management


65. eComEngine

EcomEngine is a powerful software designed for Amazon sellers. It helps amazon vendors automate their feedback, manage their inventory and product research. These features help reduce operation costs and increase profit.

Other features provided by the automation platform include:

• Restock Pro, which helps with inventory management
• FeedbackFive
• SmartPrice
• MarketScout

The software supports online merchants worldwide and has racked up almost 1.8 billion dollars in sales on Amazon. It also supports sellers in over 100 countries spread out across the globe.


66. BQool

BQool is a SaaS company that helps sellers improve their business using its tools. The tools are available in three tiers:

• Big Central, which provides sales and marketing solutions
• Repricing Central which calculates profit and repricing
• BigTracker Extension, a chrome extension specializing in product and keyword research

What’s more? BQool supports merchants across multiple marketplaces in over eight countries. It comes with a free fourteen-day trial, while pricing starts at $50, going up to $500.


67. Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Did you get suspended on Amazon but don’t know who to contact or what to do?
Amazon Sellers Lawyer is the solution for you. The platform offers free consultation and information for Amazon Sellers.

Their team of lawyers is experienced both in law and commerce, making them well-equipped at representing suspended amazon sellers. They specialize in two areas:

1. Settling cases for sellers sued for selling counterfeit products
2. Representing sellers who had bogus claims made against them

Besides legal representation, Amazon Sellers Lawyer also provides legal resources. They have published books and even have a blog available on their website.


68. Kabbage

Kabbage helps small business owners by providing financial solutions. These solutions include:

1. Business checking
2. Flexible funding
3. Payment processing

What makes Kabbage a useful amazon seller tool? For one, it’s fast; setting up an account on the platform is easy. Secondly, it’s flexible as it adapts to your financial situation, providing the most beneficial solutions.

Lastly, it’s secure. All of their clients’ information is encrypted for safety purposes. Kabbage is a great financing platform, especially for small businesses. It’s quick, secure, and flexible to suit your financing needs.


69. ZonBoost

Zonboost is a leading Amazon product launch and review tool. The software boasts impressive features such as :

1. Review cleaner
2. Keyword booster
3. Review voter
4. Amazon verified reviews

With ZonBoost, you are assured that your product will be ranked on Amazon’s first pages within seven days. That’s how efficient they are. Besides, they offer value for money and help amazon sellers optimize sales by boosting their ranking and reviews.

Over ten thousand amazon sellers use ZonBoost to boost their conversion rates and push their product ranking to the top pages within Amazon.


70. FreeUp

Freeeup acts as a central meeting point to find and hire pre-vetted freelancers. It is a marketplace for professional freelancers to advertise and sell their services. Aside from freelancing service provision, Freeeup also provides:

• Web development
• Amazon product listing and sourcing
• Digital marketing

These tools help optimize business performance, thereby increasing sales. With its Amazon Vendor Central set up, sellers get expert help selling their products to Amazon directly.

It also provides Amazon Growth Consultants, who are experts specializing in coming up with and implementing winning business strategies for amazon sellers. At Freeeup, you are guaranteed any freelancing service you may require.


71. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a leading all-in-one software provider for amazon sellers. The platform offers solutions for people interested in becoming amazon sellers. In addition to helping first-time sellers launch and begin trading, Jungle Scout also helps experienced online merchants manage their businesses.

What’s more, the platform provides educational resources free of charge and provides sellers with accurate data from its analytics feature. Customer service is available 24/7 to all its subscribers.

Jungle Scout is an innovative tool built by sellers for sellers.


72. Helium 10

Helium 10 is another powerful all-in-one seller tool. It consists of automation tools designed to help sellers manage their online businesses. Here are some of the tools:

• Product research
• Keyword research
• Listing optimization
• Analytics

Choosing Helium 10 means getting faster and more accurate product research, keyword optimization, and efficient business management tools. You don’t have to log in to multiple apps; everything you need is located in one place.


73. xSellco’s Repricer

Xsellco’s Repricer offers effortless and automated repricing for amazon sellers. Its speed is unrivaled; it reacts immediately to changes in prices, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Besides repricing, Xsellco also provides services such as:

1. Bulk action, saving you time and effort.
2. Automation
3. Search, filter, and sort
4. Feedback

With Xsellco’s repricing feature, you are guaranteed the top spot over your competitors since it updates you by providing metrics and detailed analysis. It also safeguards your privacy. These qualities make it a favorite among both small and large retailers on Amazon.


74. Profit Whale

Profit Whale is the number one advertising software for Amazon sellers. The platform features keyword optimization, an interactive dashboard, and a dedicated account manager.

The software provider provides customized strategies designed to optimize your sale, consequently growing your business. Besides ad management, Profit Whale provides services like:

1. Executive reporting system with email reports
2. PPC optimization

What makes Profit Whale stand out is its dedication to meeting its clients’ goals. Their data-centered algorithms help actualize the client’s objective.


75. SellerApp

SellerApp combines marketing and sales management into one platform to benefit online businesses. The software combines features such as keyword analytics, listing analytics, and price optimization.

SellerApp takes pride in its efficient services; it has a rating of 97% in customer satisfaction, with clients reporting an increase in sales by two times their average rate. Clients also enjoy perks such as expert consultation, 24/7 customer support, and a free SellerApp Chrome extension.

If you’re looking to accelerate your growth in amazon, SellerApp is the solution for you.


76. FBA Fox

FBA Fox is an inventory management solution created for Amazon sellers dealing in wholesale goods. It enables fast payments, allows browsing by category, and provides a CSV file that sellers can download.

FBA Fox also provides direct prep and shipping to your warehouse with 24-hour customer support, available seven days a week. Unfortunately, the prep and shipping service is only applicable within US territory.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying other unique features provided by FBA Fox. Members get full access to the product catalog, with new items added daily.


77. Taxomate

Taxomate automates your accounting duties by integrating Amazon seller central with your accounting software. It compiles all your transactions into one invoice and makes payments easier.

Additionally, Taxomate does your calculations with speed and accuracy. A few examples of the calculations include:

• Advertising costs
• Shipping costs
• Amazon fees
• Product sales

The best part of using Taxomate is that it’s affordable; it’s 50% less expensive than its competitors. The platform also offers educational resources such as Accounting blogs for amazon sellers and bookkeeping directories.


78. Amazon FBA Freight Rate Calculator

This amazon seller tool helps sellers calculate FBA freight fees. It provides estimates of the ocean, air, and trucking costs in mere seconds. The data provided is accurate and based on live updates.

The freight rate estimator includes all the extra charges that may occur during shipping or trucking. However, it may not include customs duties associated with specific commodities. Amazon FBA freight rate calculator is a useful tool as it makes shipping much easier for online vendors.


79. Avalara

Avalara provides automated tax compliance solutions. The platform handles tax issues such as:

• Filing and remission
• Calculation of rates
• Certificate registration

Avalara offers businesses customized tax solutions that offer clients benefits like reducing non-compliance risk, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience. It solves all your tax issues and has over a thousand signed tax partner integrations.

Partnering with Avalara ensures your business is free from any tax troubles, making operations more seamless.


80. Marksman RSC

Marksman RSC specializes in logistics that help reduce costs, allowing you to sell your products faster. The services offered include:

• Amazon FBA Prep Services
• Reverse logistics
• Dropshipping
• Return handling

The company helps amazon FBA sellers in handling and preparing orders, repacking, and even product photography. Besides, Marksman offers UPS mail innovations, DHL eCommerce, and forwarding services.

Marksman is an excellent tool for online sellers because it makes handling and shipping easier and reduces costs.


81. SellerPhoto

Sellerphoto is a photography studio based in Florida that offers professional product images. It’s the most hassle-free place to take professional photos of your products. The platform boasts an 18% increase in business, serving over 11 countries.

Working with Sellerphoto is easy; ship your product to the studio in Florida, then select the product package you’d want. Just sit back and wait for the images to be delivered to you or you can simply download them through your email.

Sellerphoto exceeds their clients’ expectations by providing crisp and clear images of their products.


82. KeyworX

KeyworX is an amazon seller tool that provides efficient product tracking software for sellers. It’s very versatile and works both for small startups and large business organizations.

Aside from tracking, KeyworX also provides analytics and rank tracking. These two features help you analyze your product ranking as well as its performance.

It’s available in three subscription contracts:
• Basic $27/month for 500 keywords
• Standard $97/month for 2500 keywords
• Basic $47/month for 1000 keywords

What’s more, KeyworX shows you which keywords to use and offers insight into optimizing your business performance.


83. Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is one of the best management software in the market. The amazon seller tool is designed using cutting-edge technology to give users the best service.
It includes product reviews, email automation, analytics, and order management to help you keep track of your sales. It’s easy to use and comes with comprehensive tutorials for beginners.

It also provides a free trial valid for thirty days. Feedback Whiz has two subscription packages, offering both a free version and a paid plan, with prices starting at $19.99.


84. Cashcowpro

Cashcowpro is a leading Amazon software tool that provides a wide range of services. These include keyword tracking and performance, inventory monitoring, and automatic reporting. It allows you to include as many as 10,000 products.

It’s a powerful and versatile tool as it allows you to monitor your product’s performance, prevent stocks out, and suggests keywords you can use to optimize sales. Through its automated feedback collection feature, you can collect and filter useful feedback and utilize it to improve your efficiency and performance.

Cashcowpro’s services are affordable, with their membership plan starting at $49.97 monthly and $497 annually. It also provides a free ten-day trial for all plans and allows members to cancel anytime.


85. HelloProfit

HelloProfit offers a full suite of professional tools to help grow your amazon business faster. It provides a variety of powerful seller analytics, ensuring you have full control of your business.

These tools include PPC manager, product dashboard, merchant dashboard, and payout reporting. It’s available on a free trial running for 21 days. HelloProfit guarantees your safety and privacy using its SSL software.

It’s a great seller tool for both new and experienced Amazon sellers as its toolset keeps you updated with comprehensive progress reports and insight about how to optimize your business strategies for greater sales.


86. Rank

Rank is a unique seller tool that provides keywords focused sales. It’s considered the missing piece to amazon rankings as it provides hand-chosen keywords designed to boost your amazon products’ ranking.

Rank comes with keyword-focused sales in custom packages, and repeat order stacking to ensure your product gets the top position, and a guaranteed rank increase to help your products land the high positions during searches.

Pricing starts at $749 for a 20 keyword-focused sales package, up to $1799 for the 100 keyword-focused packages. It’s great value for your money considering its fast ROI and its potential to boost your product ranking.


87. AMZShark

AMZShark may not be as affordable as other options on the list like AMZTracker. So, why should you opt for this seller tool?

It all lies in the features. You’ll have Niche Scout, Sales Tracker, PPC Manager, Feedback alert, Supplier Scout, Competition Scouts, Listing Scouts, and more the Tracker won’t offer.

Because of the multiple features, it ensures you have better statistics. If you’ll be making money on Amazon, this tool offers substantial help. It’s the perfect way to spiral your rankings to improve your earnings.


88. SellerLegend

This tool is indeed a legend, as its name suggests. First, you’ll be offered 21 free trial days before opting to invest in it fully. That means the programmers trust the tool’s functionalities, and here is why you should too:

SellerLegend offers affordable pricing in four different packages. Also, they provide statistics for up to one and a half years. So, you can keep up with your business trends easily.

Furthermore, they offer instant order downloads, excellent FBA/ FBM and customer management, detailed product performance data, and more.


89. Shopkeeper

If you are tired of going through your fees to confirm product profitability, Shopkeeper is an excellent solution that will end all your problems.

You can track how much profit you are making and what to reorder depending on the current season. The business dashboard provides the most crucial metrics to keep your game on top.

Besides, you have a lot of informational resources, including podcasts and multiple Amazon software tools. With data trickling in from eighteen countries, you have the knowledge you need to guarantee efficient operations.


90. ListingEagle

If you want to protect your brand, there is hardly a tool as good as ListingEagle. It keeps a constant watch on your listings to ensure your products are always secure.

In case Amazon suppresses your listing or another seller hijacks them, you get an instant notification. This comes in the form of mail or text to allow a quick response before you get disadvantaged.

What’s more, you have detailed instructions and letters on how to de-suppress your listing and scare off hijackers.

Even though you may still need more tools to track all your ASINs, ListingEagle’s recent reduction in plan prices makes them more enticing.


91. AMZAlert

If you are an established seller with lots of ASINs, AMZAlert may be a better selection than ListingEagle.

ListingEagle’s plans only extend to 50 ASINs, and then you have to contact them to monitor more. However, AMZAlerts allows you to keep watch of up to 500 ASINs. Unbeatable, right?

What’s more, AMZalert plans are more affordable than ListingEagle’s prices. And, you get to keep track of many details. From your listings getting suppressed or hijacked to what happens on your reviews, price changes, and more.


92. FeedBackGenius

Buyers are always motivated by what others have to say, especially on sites like Amazon. With a seller tool like FeedBackGenius, you can increase customer engagement and improve your conversion rates.

Although most pleased customers won’t leave a comment, unpleasant ones most likely do. With FeedbackGenius, you can remind your customers to leave a review through an automated email via Amazon’s messaging system.

It also allows you to decide who gets which notification. Customize the tool for loyal customers to get different messages from new clients. Also, you can set the ideal time you want the message forwarded.


93. OneHourTranslation

Are you missing out on prospective customers because of language barriers? Would you like to share amazing deals with previous customers from diverse parts of the world?

With OneHourTranslations, talking to your customers is effortless. With over ten years of expertise and 25,000 dedicated works, this tool ensures your message is delivered as you intended.

It only takes an hour to have 200 words translated, and you can have up to 2000 words in a day!


94. The Phifer Group

If OneHourTranslation doesn’t meet your desires, The Phifer Group might be a good alternative. It may not be the cheapest choice, but it comes with many features to simplify your work.

If you want your product descriptions scripted, a team of copywriters ensures you get top-notch output. They also edit non-optimize work, offer translation services, transcreation, and proofreading.


95. Jungle Market

Having a killer product but not getting the steeler results you hoped for is frustrating. Thankfully, Jungle Scout Market offers whatever you need to start getting fantastic customer conversion rates.

Do you wish for someone to explain the hacks of pitching a product to you?
Do you want better-packaged products?

Do you hate your product videos and want a professional to offer services at an affordable price?

Do you want to learn how to outpace your competitors and how to find them?
If yes, Jungle Market provides you countless options. Pick your favorite.


96. Kenji ROI

Have you ever seen an eye-catchy Amazon listing that got you wondering,’ where did that come from?’ One of the best seller tools to optimize your listings to attract customers is Kenji ROI.

In Jungle Market, you have to select your graphic designer, get another person to do your videos, find a freelancer, and more. This is quite tedious if you are a busy brand.
Kenji ROI offers you all these services by choosing a package that meets your needs. Save the hours you would use to listen to expert advice. Let professionals tailor your listings to suit your website.


97. Splitly

Splitly is another excellent tool that will help you stay at the top of your FBA competition. Before enrolling to enjoy its services, you have a lot of free resources at your disposal.

Why pay someone to help you with your listings when you can get the information for free from other sellers? The Power of Pricing and Split Testing 101 are free ebooks providing you with tricks of top sellers.

This tool teaches you the best way to structure your listings and what pricing plan to implement. With knowledge of the most suitable keywords, Splitly ensures your products are at the top of user searches.


98. AmaSuite

Are you a prospective seller wondering what will sell massively on Amazon? Then the AmaSuite suits you best.

With this tool, you can access information about any product from 67,200 categories! Not only do you get data from, but as well.

With the top a hundred in your preferred category within reach, you can know the niches to invest in for maximum profit.

Additionally, you can process the reports into HTML files and sell them to other Amazon sellers.


99. Jungle Hustle

One of the main factors affecting profits among Amazon sellers is ACoS. Do you want to lower your ratio of spending to sales? If that’s the case, you need to invest in an excellent cost/benefit testing tool like Jungle Hustle.

If your business has a seven to eight-figure return, it’s time to improve your proceeds. This tool allows you to work with experts to find the best keywords to optimize the content on your listings.

With this tool, improving your chance of appearing in customer searches is heightened. Jungle Hustle does all the hustle for you.


100. Amachete

Amachete is a fantastic seller tool designed to find the best products to invest in. With this tool, you can tell how much a product shifts in a day.

Did you know Amachete’s feedback/ email system is working with Amazon Japan as well? Besides, you don’t have to pay more to communicate with customers from nine marketplaces.

Another vital feature you can find in this software is hijacking detection, that way you can ensure other sellers won’t jeopardize your listings. Plus, you can confirm how your product ranks on an hourly basis.

Access to its two-week free trial is straightforward since you don’t need a credit card.


101. FBA Auditor

If you are an Amazon seller, one of the top seller tools to invest in is Refunds Manager.
Unfortunately, it is unavailable in the USA, and that is where the FBA Auditor comes in.

With this tool, you don’t need to worry about keeping tabs on refunds and reimbursements. What’s impressive about FBA Auditor is you don’t have to subscribe, sign a contract, or pay monthly fees.

Although you get charged for 25% of refunds made, the price is small, considering you would have lost these funds forever. And, it allows you and Amazon time to check before swinging to action.


102. Quantify Ninja

While some tools only specialize in suppression and hijacking protection, Quantify Ninja does that and more. Also, their packages are relatively affordable.

With this tool, you can access detailed order data, ROI calculations, and profit management. Quantify Ninja offers real-time notifications to ensure you are always up to date.

You also get keyword data to optimize your content and appear in more users’ searches. The tool allows you to save a lot of time as a result of its automated messages, virtual salesperson, and coupons.

If you are looking for a Jack of all trades, Quantify Ninja is your go-to app.


103. Jump Send

Are you a new Amazon seller looking for more traffic? Jump Send is a great tool to skyrocket your positive reviews and ratings.

With over 100,00 shoppers flocking in to get discounted products, you have a better opportunity to get a better conversion rate.

Previously, the tool worked differently from Jungle Scout, although the two were from the same company. However, they work as one right now, and you have to register your seller’s account from Jungle Scout.


104. SimplyVAT

For most Amazon sellers, SimplyVAT can be a big save. When trading in various states or countries, keeping track of tax rates, thresholds, and requirements is challenging without a dedicated accounting department.

Using this app allows you to register in countries you wish to sell your products and deregister in case of an unworthwhile investment.

Additionally, it can submit annual tax returns for you.


105. Teikametrics

Another great asset to add to your arsenal is the Teikametrics seller tool.

It’s a superb assist when you want to develop ads bounded by algorithmic keywords. It automatically generates the best keywords to ensure you reach your intended customer base with ease.

Using its Flywheel 2.0 feature, you get access to information about the top brands in your category. If you want to know what percentage of market share you hold against your competitors, Teikametrics will sort you out.

Keeping better track of your inventory data, including ROI, sale-through rates, and turns, is among the reasons you might need it.


106. Restock Pro

Are you afraid of trying a tool because of tedious subscribing processes and having to use your credit card? Try Restock Pro for three weeks without this process, and you may love the robust performance it offers.

This tool gets your FBA metrics by converting them to inventory intelligence. Consequently, you can monitor conversion rates, your competitors’ listings and forecast future margins.

The kitting feature might offer the robust help you need to get the Buy Box. With the tool, you can manage shipments, purchasing orders, and more while predicting profits using per SKU criteria.


107. Seller Active

If you are a starting or moderately established brand with products across multiple marketplaces, Seller Active might be your company’s missing piece.

The tool is excellent for inventory management, ensuring you are never out of stock without knowledge. The smart, automated repricing function allows you to get the best product cost to attract more customers while still getting profits.

FBA management smoothens order shipping, and you also get product mapping to ensure efficiency. Not to mention, you can create new optimized listings with ease using this seller tool.


108. Bindwise

When you have your products across other sites like eBay, Etsy, and Shopify besides Amazon, keeping track of them is quite challenging without a devoted team. However, investing in a multi marketplace seller tool like Bindwise can save you trouble and cost.

Bindwise enables you to keep your listings, reputation, and Buy Box intact, thanks to its 24/7 hijack monitoring.

Should anyone try to tamper with your ASINs, the tool immediately notifies you and shows you how to handle the situation.

Moreover, it monitors your FBA products to ensure Amazon doesn’t overcharge you without your notice.


109. ImportDojo

Who said you should make your products to have a top-selling brand on Amazon? With ImportDojo, you will learn how to import and sell China products.

Also, you’ll get a free import bible full of tips you can use during dealings with Chinese suppliers, top-selling brands, and more. Over 250 pages of pure goodness!

Manuel Becvar unveils the secrets he used to have a best selling product in a highly competitive category in just six months. Do you have funds but are unsure what to do? ImportDojo might be your gateway to a multi-million business.


110. Sourcing Summit

To be extraordinary, you have to get teachings from the best. Sourcing Summit is a tool that allows applications to attend meetings with top industry gurus for nine days in China.

It may not be budget-friendly or a wise option for starters and intermediates, but it’s worth every penny.

You get to learn tricks to upscale your FBA profits and enjoy access to fantastic upcoming products.

You also test products, network, buy samples, and build great relationships with like-minded sellers.


111. Asteroid Aim

Asteroid Aim might be the stepping stone your listings need to increase in sales. All you need to do is to find a product and pick a package as experts do the rest of the job.

From the creation of keyword-dense titles to writing optimized descriptions, Asteroid Aim ensures your content attracts the most customers.

Additionally, they shoot seven excellent photos to showcase your product and guarantee an increase in click rate.

Finally, you get an in-depth course covering keyword selection, listing optimization, persuasion, and more.


112. GenVideo

Another excellent tool to boost your customer engagement is GenVideo. While some of the options in this list only optimize your content for Amazon, this tool is an excellent solution for intense marketing.

It offers access to many influencers who provide the boost you need. You are also guided to choose the type of videos to use as you market your brand on various social platforms.

With GenVideo, you can reach a broader customer base. And the most impressive aspect of this software is that videos get linked to your ASINs to send traffic your way.


113. Clipping Path India

Images speak volumes, and some details must be seen before users can buy something. You may want to change your pictures on short notice, or you want to speedily launch a product.

Clipping Path India allows you to get quality edited pictures within a few hours, unlike Asteroid Aim that takes at least seven business days.

Requesting for photo edits is effortless as well, and their services are some of the most affordable. With less than a dollar, you are good to go!


114. FosterFBA

You may know this software as AMZFoster, but this rebranded tool is still excellent, if not better than before. The reface comes with a better-structured website and language.

It majorly focuses on getting suitable keywords for your ASINs. You also get to see the backend keywords of competitors.

If you are having trouble with your product descriptions, an expert team of copywriters structures your content to increase engagement.

FosterFBA gives you tips to improve your conversion and ensure your PPC campaigns’ efficiency. The only caveat is it might not be the most affordable option but it’s still worth the investment.


115. Asia Inspection

As of 2018, Asia Inspection rebranded to QIMA as they now serve a broader customer base.

If you ship the products you sell, inspection tools like these are crucial. QIMA ensures your suppliers organize products according to Amazon packaging requirements.

They ascertain products are in excellent condition and suitable for the intended use.

While their pricing is more than other inspection tools like Effition, they offer more reliability and a comprehensive range of services.


116. Effition Inspection

Do you love QIMA but cannot afford their service? Using a more affordable option like Effition inspection allows you to enjoy a thorough product inspection.

While you may hesitate to opt for this option, they are still a superb choice. Differences only arise because other services deliver additional unnecessary embellishments while Effition Inspection cuts to the chase.

What’s more, they have offices all over China. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting time or additional travel charges.


117. SellerDesk

SellerDesk is an appropriate tool to smoothen out your communication.

One of its most significant merits is the attachment of order details on tickets to avoid leaving Seller Central to tend to your customers. You can also tell if someone is your loyal customer.

In case of negative customer feedback, the tool immediately alerts you, providing you with the necessary details to solve the issue in haste. This ensures the satisfaction of both you and your customers.


118. Octoparse

Without the need for coding, Octoparse is one of the most straightforward tools you can try.

It allows you to conduct web scraping within a short while. The process is hassle-free as well and only takes three steps:

• Inserting the URL to extract data
• Identifying the data
• Running the extraction

You can set the most suitable time to source the data. Once extracted, you can save it to your database or download it for future reference.

And with its IP rotation feature, you shouldn’t worry about getting blocked.


119. River Cleaner

River Cleaners is another listings optimization tool.

It enables you to identify the most suitable keywords for your products. Moreover, it offers insights about the keywords in your listings that aren’t ranking and need to be omitted. River Cleaner is beneficial if you want to upgrade your PPC campaign.

Crafting different emails for your customers can be tedious. With this tool, you get tailored follow-up messages to save your time.

Other benefits include; alerts in case of TOS changes, improving your Facebook audience, and identifying an order as searched according to customer names.


120. ManageByStats

If you want a tool to handle lots of information at an economical cost, ManageByStats may be what you are seeking. Irrespective of your sales volume or SKUs, the price remains constant.

You get to track your profits per product, margins, promotion performance, ROI, and more.

Automatically generated follow-up messages save your time while ensuring effective communication with your customers. This tool offers a quick way to increase reviews on your products and improve your listings’ performance.

ManageByStats keeps track of your finances while offering you the best keywords to upscale your business.


121. Payability

Being unable to conduct your activities because of delayed payments is nerve-wracking. Imagine failing to stage PPC campaigns, buying inventory, covering costs, and investing.

Payability allows you to avoid all these hassles. You can even receive payments daily!

Did you know you can strike a deal to get paid for products yet sold? They buy your expected market receivables in exchange for this. As a result, you can invest in more products and source better deals from your suppliers.


122. Profit Bandit

Do you have a product and wonder whether it’s worthwhile to resell it on Amazon? SellerEngine’s Profit Bandit might be the smartphone scouting app you need.

With this tool, you can find the most affordable price for any product. You can tell restricted offers and the type of products that are selling slowly.

Furthermore, you can access price changes over time and ranking data from CamelCamelCamel, Keepa, and more.


123. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is another product research tool suitable for new sellers who want to get inspired based on generated metrics. Unlike other options that require subscriptions, this tool is free and straightforward to use.

When using the Smasher, have some knowledge of the product category you want to study. The tool offers data prices, estimated sales, bestsellers, ratings, reviews, among others.

You also get to conduct your research in a single dashboard to keep everything orderly and export data to CSV. However, it may not be the best tool if you want in-depth analysis.


124. Price Blink

This add-on is a powerful tool with lots of coupons to offer customers the best deals. But how is it beneficial to you as an Amazon seller?

First, you’ll get to see how much your products go for elsewhere. With this tool, you can find the most affordable price available.

Additionally, it allows you to get the best deals on products you may want to add to your brand.


125. Zon Tools

Zon Tools is a robust helper in automating your Sponsored Ads and ensuring they perform. With this tool, you can extend your reach to multiple languages and countries.

The tool leads you to use the right keywords and bids to attain your ACoS objectives. Its keyword miner keeps track of your listings to ensure you appear in most customer searches.

You can set your goals, whether profit, velocity, or visibility. The tool offers you a straightforward time and works depending on your input.


Final Thoughts

And there you go. Not just one…ten or twenty, but 125 Amazon Seller Tools!

Amazon seller tools are essential if you want to achieve or maintain high-level sales. Using these tools, you can manage your campaigns, keep your sales consistent, exponentially grow your business, monitor your competition, and so much more.

Try out these Amazon Seller tools today and let us know the positive impact on your sales.

Trust your Amazon business to a 7-figure Amazon Marketing Agency that will scale your brand or send your money back!

Alex Stoykov

Alex Stoykov

Over his career, Alex has developed and marketed millions of dollars of successful products. He lays awake at nights figuring out new marketing tactics and is constantly upping clients' marketing game.
Alex Stoykov

Alex Stoykov

Over his career, Alex has developed and marketed millions of dollars of successful products. He lays awake at nights figuring out new marketing tactics and is constantly upping clients' marketing game.
Alex Stoykov

Alex Stoykov

Over his career, Alex has developed and marketed millions of dollars of successful products. He lays awake at nights figuring out new marketing tactics and is constantly upping clients' marketing game.

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We currently have an intake of 4 new
clients per month and carefully
screen all enquiries to ensure that we
can 100% deliver. To find out if we
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